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Our History


AL-HASSAN ASSOCIATES was established in 1982 at Karachi. We started our activities with the civil construction, especially Building contracting in the private sector. In a very short time we achieved experience of building plenty of residential and commercial Buildings, Bungalows and Apartments in Karachi.

It would be fruitful to mention that we have also been taking part in the construction activities of Pakistan Steel situated at Bin Qasim Karachi for period of 10 years.

As part of our dynamic experience we also had the honor to execute the construction of multi story residential and commercial building known as “Dewily Towers” and “Dewily Hospital” in Madīnah al-Munawwarah, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and renovated the “Hotel Meridian” and “Ware Houses” in the State Of Kuwait which is the evidence of acceptance of our professional expertise and capabilities as Building Contractor.

In 1999 on returning from abroad with the wealth of international experience we restarted our activities in Islamabad. It will not be out of place to acknowledge that we won the trust of our valued clients in very short period and as a result constructed more than fifteen (15) homes in different areas of Rawalpindi, Islamabad.


Since our establishment in Pakistan we have been assisting the well reputed government contractors as their sub in Islamabad. This is why Al-Hassan Associates has, now become one of the old and trusted names in Islamabad real estate agents.




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