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Al-Hassan Associates has been engaged in provision of the Pakistan Spatial Data services since 2009.The databank at the company consists of Vector datasets in ESRI Shape files format and Raster datasets. However, the information can be provided in any other format including Geo-Database format.

The data is available on various scales as desired by the clients. The company has a history of providing spatial information sets to some very prestigious and renowned humanitarian organizations as well as academics for their research.

This reflects the level of confidence on the accuracy of our data. We are also proud on fact that the data worked at AL-Hassan is updated at once in order to effectuate any constitutional/legal change in the administrative setup of the country. The team of qualified Spatial data analysts perform the digitization to make the deliverable up to the satisfaction of our clients.

The typical process of digitization is verified with the information from government organizations like Population Census and Survey of Pakistan organizations at each step.







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